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After his first ice cream franchise storefront went out of business, Eric Staggers turned his entrepreneurial passion towards creating his own ice cream brand. In 1998, Eric Staggers convinced his close friend, Kevin Meredith, and a few other colleagues to start Paradise Ice Cream Inc. With big dreams and a little money, they bought a warehouse unit in Springfield, VA. 

To find their first clients, Paradise relied on Kevin's charisma. Between tastings at corporate offices and getting tickets into local festivals in the DMV, Kevin Meredith had a gift of being able to open doors for the company. However, the first few years were rocky. Though having perfected a homemade ice cream recipe that "wowed" customers with every bite, they struggled to find a consistent client base for catering.

It wasn't until the early 2000's, with newcomer Ramesi Bridgewater on board, that Paradise Ice Cream developed a unique look setting them apart from all other ice cream catering businesses. Also known as "the Paradise experience," the company adopted a vibrant, tropical, vacation get-away approach. Reggae music played while palm trees and beach decor hung over ice cream coolers, making for a perfect summer escape! 

Blake-bev'g table

Best Homemade Ice Cream in the DMV!





When COVID-19 hit, Paradise Ice Cream halted catering for nearly a year. This became a blessing in disguise as a new look for Paradise emerged. The family aspect of the company took center stage once again.


Son, Nathan Staggers, had previously owned a gourmet ice cream shop in Manassas Park called Betty & Maries. His experience as a young entrepreneur and ice cream connoisseur allowed him to redesign the homemade Paradise menu. Since Spring 2020, an endless combination of flavors has been created.

Paradise Ice Cream continues to push boundaries and show that GOURMET and HOMEMADE can be synonymous!

To this day, Paradise takes pride in its ability to invent any ice cream flavor from within its warehouse doors.  While high quality homemade ice cream is the priority, the quality of service is determined by the people who wear the Paradise uniform.

Paradise seeks to engage with the community however possible! Adding to their catering and sports/festival vending services, Paradise now offers immediate access to its quality products through curbside pickup and delivery.

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