Beginning in 2002, Paradise Ice Cream evolved from a small retail shop to a full catering company...

After his last ice cream franchise storefront went out of business, Eric Staggers turned his entrepreneurial passion towards creating his own ice cream brand. Known as Paradise Ice Cream (as the sweet dessert makes for a heavenly experience), in 2002 the business would launch into a full-service ice cream catering company. Staggers knew what great ice cream tasted like. He and his first colleagues spent the first few years perfecting the recipe for the homemade ice cream. From there, the menu became an endless combination of flavors.

With never-before signature flavors, no other ice cream distributer paired Paradise's creativity.


To this day, Paradise takes pride in its ability to invent any ice cream flavor from within its warehouse doors. The Paradise brand is built strongly upon a people-centered culture. While high quality homemade ice cream is the priority, the quality of service is determined by the people who wear the Paradise uniform. 


At this company, employees are part of a family staying true to the values of a small business model. 

At corporate catering events, the essence of a joyful Paradise is felt by a tropical-infused celebration created by party music and decor.

In the last decade, Paradise has sought to play to the strength of its staff and product by entering into contracts and partnerships with local universities. Adding to its catering services, the vending division has focused on providing dessert at regional sporting events, community fairs, and seasonal festivals. Yet, even as the business model expands the heavenly love of Paradise will never be lost.

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Best Homemade Ice Cream in the DMV!

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