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Eric Staggers was introduced to the catering side of ice cream and fell in love with the idea. He eventually bought an ice cream machine to produce his own flavors, and moved Paradise Ice Cream to a warehouse to become a full-time catering service. By developing a homemade ice cream recipe that "wowed" customers, he found a growing client base. 

After closing down an ice cream franchise store in 1998, business owner Eric Staggers took a leap of faith and decided to open his own store called Paradise Ice Cream.  He found a location in Brookfield Plaza in Springfield, Virginia, but very quickly realized that he needed way to sustain the business during the "slow seasons." 

To this day, Paradise brings a vibrant and upbeat  tropical-themed experience to traditional ice cream catering! Our service is perfect for corporate and residential settings.

Paradise continues to be a family-run business. In 2020, son Nathan Staggers introduced curbside service for local families and consumers. It became an immedate hit! Though the retail service remains limited and seasonal, making our ice cream available in smaller packagaing has been a growing interest for our business. 


 In addition to ice cream, clients may also enjoy gourmet desserts and fried treats such as funnel cakes and fried oreos! During the fall and winter seasons, Paradise offers  holiday food selections.

 Paradise is all about community! We enjoy engaging in the DC Metropolitan area by providing ice cream and funnel cakes at schools, fundraisers, sporting tournaments, and even large-scale festivals! We have served at a range of events, from youth to professional levels. You can follow our social media pages to see where we will be serving next! Or  Contact us if you are holding an event and would like for Paradise to come out!

Homemade. Quality. Care

Fresh and delicious ingredients are prepared while the ice cream is going through the machine. 


After coming out the machine, the homemade ice cream goes into a dish to get mixed with ingredients.

The ice cream is then carefully topped off and put into the freezer to seal the deliciousness!

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